organic thyme tea distributors in 2020

The results of numerous studies have shown that the use of thyme tea along with other natural ingredients is effective in combating respiratory problems and diseases. Of course, this does not mean self-medication. In any case, you need the opinion of a specialist doctor. Therefore, our collection is one of the organic thyme tea distributors in 2020 and offered this product to the market at an affordable price.

organic thyme tea distributors in 2020

What are the side effects of drinking thyme tea?

What are the side effects of drinking thyme tea?

In traditional medicine, thyme is used to treat respiratory problems such as coughing. In addition, thyme is used to combat bronchitis, but this plant, like any other plant, has side effects.

Side effects of thyme spice and thyme tea

According to what you will read in this section of Health, thyme, despite its various benefits for the body, also has a series of harms and side effects. Which include:

1.       Thyme stimulates the mucous membrane:

Thyme has two combinations of thymol and carvacrol. Studies show that some people, especially those with allergies, may suffer from irritation of the mucous membranes after using this plant. If you have ever had such a reaction, use this plant orally. Avoid.

2.       May cause allergies to thyme:

If you are allergic to basil, celery, rosemary and oregano, then be careful when using thyme.

According to some studies, some people are allergic to the mint family. And since thyme also belongs to this family, if you have such a history of allergies, avoid eating it.

3.       Thyme is not suitable for people with high blood pressure:

Thyme has been shown to have properties that increase blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, avoid thyme in the form of herbs, aromatic oil and tea.

4.       Thyme has bad effects on the thyroid:

In some studies conducted by a group of German researchers, it has been concluded that wild thyme can have negative effects on the thyroid gland, because it has a bad effect on the pituitary gland hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland.

5.       Avoid thyme during pregnancy and lactation:

There is no evidence that this plant is safe for pregnant and lactating women, there is no evidence to the contrary. However, over time, thyme has been shown to stimulate menstrual cramps, so it is possible that Put pregnant women at risk of miscarriage. If you really want to use this plant during such a period, you can consult your doctor.

6.       Thyme is dangerous for children under 10:

At this age they should be kept away from all forms of thyme; Do not even use a listerine mouthwash containing thyme unless your dentist prescribes it.

7.       Thyme oil endangers heart health:

Research has shown that people who consume thyme oil suffer from a variety of severe ailments, including shortness of breath, seizures, cardiac arrest, and even coma. While there is no evidence to prove the true cause, it is assumed that high doses or allergies to the mint family cause these problems.

organic thyme tea distributors centers

organic thyme tea distributors centers

Thyme is one of the most important uses in respiratory diseases. Thyme is a short, branched shrub. Its herbaceous branches are covered with leaves at the top of the stem. Thyme can be effective in treating menstrual disorders and relieving menstrual cramps. Thyme is a good purifying agent and is useful in the treatment of insomnia and diseases of the digestive system. To buy, you can refer to organic thyme tea distributors centers and get this product at a reasonable price.

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