organic thyme tea price fluctuations

If you brew 10 grams of organic thyme tea in a liter of beer and give it to patients with shortness of breath, kidney, bladder, joint pain, sciatica, uterine bleeding and abnormal discharge of women with a little honey, it will be effective in repelling their disease.

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Used in inflammation of the larynx and tonsils and for the treatment of the pest by gargling. For this purpose, boil one cup of plant powder in four cups of slowly boiling water for 20 minutes and after rinsing, use it for rinsing the mouth. Therefore, organic thyme tea price fluctuations are mostly due to currency market fluctuations.

organic thyme tea price fluctuations

Can I drink thyme tea daily?

Can I drink thyme tea daily?

The definitive answer to this question is yes. Thyme, like many other medicinal plants, is known as a medicine from the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine and has no nutritional effects on the body; This means that its frequent and continuous consumption has harmful effects on the body and should be used in consultation with a traditional medicine doctor. Thyme is also dangerous in pregnancy and people with hot tempers should not use it too much.

Thyme is highly recommended in the treatment of cough and sore throat and has beneficial effects for the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. It is used for bronchitis, lung infection, colds, flu and to treat bloating and muscle cramps. Its brew is very beneficial for hiccups, heartburn, dripping urine, crushing bladder stones and relieving uterine pain.

Thyme has a warm and dry nature and its remedy is grape vinegar .


* Eating it with fresh cheese is effective for fattening the body .

* Eating it with fig juice is very useful for cough and shortness of breath .

* Thyme extract + Peppermint + Hyssop + Jujube + Baking line is very useful for colds .

* Its extract is useful for heartburn and bloating and is a stomach and kidney strengthener .

Gargling it is very useful for purulent sore throat. 20 grams of thyme can be mixed with some olive oil and used as a mask for sensitive skin.

organic thyme tea price changes

organic thyme tea price changes

This plant has many properties, including: blocker, wind and phlegm decomposer, antispasmodic, purifies the lungs, stomach, liver and intestines from moisture and phlegm and prevents steam from rising to the brain. As mentioned, its most important medical use is to relieve cough in pulmonary use, followed by digestive properties and … is.

For potency, elimination of brain disorders, forgetfulness, epilepsy and strengthening of the kidneys: Pour two tablespoons of thyme powder in one kilogram of good quality honey and stir, and then drink three tablespoons of jam a day

. Therefore, organic thyme tea  recipe price changes due to changes in the price of dollars and euros.

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